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FELSINA I SISTRI Chardonnay di Toscana 2019


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A Chianti Chardonnay of excellent quality and definition. In drink, but with good evolutionary skills

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I Sistri di Fèlsina derives from a musical instrument of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. The instrument and its music were dedicated to the cult of Isis, the goddess of agriculture and birth.

This splendid Chardonnay is presented in the glass with a soft golden and luminous color. Great character and aromatic intensity thanks to the quality of the fruit. Alternating warmer hints of peach, pear and apricot, but also fresher tones of mint and almond. Twelve months in barrique give it a pleasant creamy sensation on the finish.

It was 1966 when Domenico Poggialini bought the property of Felsina in the Berardenga area in the far south of the Chianti Classico appellation.

At that time the company existed mainly for the production of oil, cereals and other crops. There were just 2.5 hectares of vineyards and while Domenico and his son Beppe worked hard to expand the vineyards and the winery during the early years, it was only with the arrival of Giuseppe Mazzacolin following his marriage to Domenico’s daughter. , Gloria, that Felsina took flight.

With Mazzacolin, Bernabei’s wine consultancy and the need to focus on Sangiovese as the company’s main grape also came, as opposed to the fashion of the period which saw the reliance on Bordeaux vines.

The wines of Felsina are children of their terroir which is very varied. The soils can be clayey-sandy with marine deposits or stony (alberese) and poor.

The result is an exciting palette of Chianti Classico that have in common a generous body, great complexity and notes of fruit and undergrowth that are always clearly perceptible.

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