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RIECINE Chianti Classico 2020


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Riecine’s Chianti Classico enchants with its finesse and ease of drinking

√ Natural wine

√ Indigenous yeasts

√ No filtrations

√ No clarifications

5 in stock

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Riecine Chianti Classico 2020 is the flagship of the company. It is a wine that has made its philosophy of elegance. Discharge of color, floral nose and small red fruits, agile and snappy mouth.

Riecine has always followed a particular path whoever has been in charge. Founded near Gaiole in Chianti by the Englishman John Dunkley and now run by the Frank family, the estate is committed to a natural approach.

The company is certified organic and at the same time follows biodynamic practices. The land is therefore alive, populated with plants, flowers and herbs. Biodiversity is encouraged and consequently the defenses of the vines and the health of the vineyards. Only the best bunches pass the manual selection, the most mature and healthy ones; everything else remains in the fields to return to earth.

Very little sulfur, natural yeasts and long fermentation so the wines of Riecine, delicately, come into the world. Strongly believing in Sangiovese as the only variety capable of interpreting the terroir, the wines of this splendid estate have a “sense of place” in their soul.

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