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LORIGINE has a seductive, elegant, character personality and its fruity note blends with a silky, never intrusive tannin. The ruby ​​red color tending to garnet with aging, typical of Sangiovese, expresses its graceful structure. On the palate it is elegant, warm and persistent with a well-balanced body that recalls the minerality of the Chianti soils. The olfactory note is persuasive, fruity and expresses a bouquet of thyme, rosemary and violet flowers with a wet flint finish.

Only 1,170 bottles, only the best of the best of Sangiovese. Without compromises

The vineyards are covered with grass and the soils are rich in rock that goes from the alberese to the galestro, changing abruptly a few meters away. The training system is Guyot at 50% and spurred cordon for the remainder. The management is of the Biological and Bio-dynamic type combined with the wise knowledge of the winemakers of the area and the evolutionary discoveries of viticulture. The attention to detail is meticulous. There is a rule of “prevention is better than cure” and the natural self-balance between fungal species, insects and bacteria, simultaneously existing in the “vineyard microcosm

As originally the Etruscans, ancient inhabitants of Tuscany, made wine, so we continue this philosophy, updating it with the knowledge of contemporary enology, where tradition blends with innovation.
When the grapes have reached their ideal moment of harvesting, they are de-stemmed and placed in spherical terracotta jars from Impruneta. The peculiarity of our Jars is that they are devoid of steel parts and materials extraneous to the original artifact, thanks to the results gathered from two decades of experimentation that confirm the interaction of these with the wine. Here it remains there for at least three to four months with its own grapes carrying out, for the first month, delicate manual punching down three times a day. The fourth month the wine is separated from the solid parts and transferred into glass containers of about 50 liters where some decanting will follow and it will remain there for five to six months. Nothing is added to the wine except a few milligrams of sulfur.
Six to twelve months in the bottle follow.

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