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BARONE RICASOLI, RARITAS, RONCICONE Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2018


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A hymn to the Chianti Classico, deep and mineral. A Raritas by Baron Ricasoli

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The Chianti Classico Gran Selezione RONCICONE by Barone Ricasoli is the result of a long experimentation and a lot of research. Son of a zoning project with Crea – a branch of the CNR – to understand what land was under the vineyards. Analysis of microclimates, altitudes and soils. An intense work that led to the identification of three sites (Ceni Primo, Colledilà and Roncicone) with very different traits and capable of expressing different facets of Sangiovese.

The Roncicone stands out for its floral freshness combined with the first spicy notes of evolution, acidity and marked minerality: good tannic contribution. A pure Sangiovese capable of celebrating all the magnificent qualities of this vine, further enhanced by the small size of the vineyard of the same name which lies on a soil consisting of marine deposits of Pliocene origin, with the presence of sandy deposits and stones smoothed by the sea, while in depth there is clay. The geological formation on which Roncicone is located is the one called Marine Deposits.
The vineyard, of about 10 hectares, is located 320 meters above sea level and has a south-east exposure. The grapes are hand-picked and selected: only the perfect bunches become Roncicone.

At the heart of the history and economy of the Chianti region since 1141, Barone Ricasoli, based in the magnificent Castello di Brolio, is one of the four oldest wine estates in the world.

One of the ancestors of the current property, Bettino Ricasoli, also known as the Iron Baron, was the inventor of the modern Chianti Classico wine recipe in the mid-19th century. Today the company is chaired by Francesco Ricasoli, Bettino’s great-grandson.

The estate, including the Castle, extends for 1200 hectares of which 230 are vineyards. With these numbers, the Gaiole in Chianti company turns out to be the largest in the area.

Baron Francesco Ricasoli has been at the helm of the cellar since 1993 and with the deepest respect for his illustrious ancestors, he has started a very important project of innovation and sustainability. Of great importance is the study of the soils of Brolio in order to be able to map all the vineyards, as well as the selection of the Sangiovese clones present.

Today the wines reflect the innovation and passion that this family has had for the territory and for its wine for the past nine hundred years.

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