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Sometimes they come back. Chianti as it was and as it can never be again

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Due e Due dell’Erta di Radda is a blend of 4 varieties, two 70% red grapes (Sangiovese and Canaiolo) and two 30% white grapes (Trebbiano and Malvasia Toscana). The grapes are harvested from a single vineyard, planted in 1971. They ferment inside the same stainless steel container, with the carbonic maceration technique to obtain a real aromatic mosaic. Shortly before the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the racking is carried out and the “Tuscan Government” (addition of slightly dried grapes) is made on the wine obtained in order to have a second fermentation.

Erta di Radda is a small Chianti Classico winery that is gradually establishing itself more and more in perhaps the most suitable sub-area of ​​the appellation: Radda in Chianti. The company is managed by Diego Finocchi, who personally takes care of all the activities, from the pruning of the vineyard to the marketing of the wine.

The name of the wine is linked to the slope of the vineyards located just outside the village. In this case, Erta stands for ascent.

Diego has always been passionate about wine and agriculture and at the age of 24 he decides to do his job. He takes the opportunity to buy about 5 of old vines from a local farmer and with a little healthy unconsciousness he sets out to pursue his dream.

The vineyards planted in 1967 have been partially renewed over time, 1 hectare in 2006 and one hectare in 2009.

The first few years were not easy and apart from a little wine left for family and friends, all the production was being sold. Until 2009 when Diego decides to take the big step and bottle his first Chianti Classico. Erta di Radda is born.

Respect for nature, biodiversity and the Chianti tradition have led Diego to choose Organic as the vineyard management system and Sangiovese as the main player for his wines.

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Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Malvasia e Trebbiano




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