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CANTINA TERLANO Alto Adige Terlaner Rarity 2008


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A prerogative of the Cantina di Terlano are the so-called “Rarities”, that is, special bottles of aged white wines, aged for at least ten years on fine yeasts inside pressurized steel tanks. What most fascinates about these wines is the freshness of their youth, an element that makes this Terlaner extremely compelling, despite its ripe old age. It is a wine that lends itself perfectly to aging in the bottle for a long time.

Founded in 1893, Cantina Terlano has become one of the main cooperatives of winemakers in South Tyrol, in the north-east of Italy.

Located in the Dolomites, at the foot of the Alps, Terlano’s distinctive position and extraordinary terroir are fundamental for the development of their splendid wines. Situated in a sheltered basin, Terlano enjoys an excellent southern exposure. The slopes of the vineyards ranging from 250 to 900 meters above sea level offer ideal conditions for the cultivation of vines, in particular Lagrein, a native variety of South Tyrol. The vineyards composed of red rocks with a high mineral content retain the heat of the day, while the porous soil allows the water to drain, keeping the soil dry around the roots of the vines. These factors, combined with the cool evening temperatures, give life to wines of incredible depth and potentially for aging.

With a current membership of 143 producers who cultivate a total area of ​​165 hectares, Terlano ensures the highest quality standards by compensating growers for the quality of their grapes and not for quantity. In vineyards, the emphasis is on reducing yield in favor of more concentrated fruit production.
Terlano produces 30% of red wines and 70% of whites, all with the DOC quality designation.

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60% Pinot Bianco, 30% Chardonnay and 10% Sauvignon Blanc



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